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Local Events

Here you will find details of upcoming events. Some of these may include an introduction into what Community Law Courts are, why they are SO needed today and how you can be involved and take part either on a jury, as an official or bringing forth your case to the court!

Latest Recorded Interviews

Here you will find details and links to recorded interviews with :Hannah-Badr. Sheriff of the British Isles. This latest one was with Tash and Bex Flex. Learn more by clicking on the tab below.

Notice :
New Community Law Courts Hearings

Here you will find upcoming public announcements and notices about forthcoming courts being held AND ALSO requests for Trial By Jury Men and Women

Community Law Courts: Recorded hearings

Here you will find details and links to video recorded hearings already taken place (where prior permission has been given).

Community Law Courts: Public Notices

Here you will find Public Notices issued by the Community Law Courts.

Advice on the law

Law used to be something everyone knew, we knew what was right, what was a wrong, and how to hold someone to account for their unlawful actions. We have lost that knowledge to a system designed to disempower us and keep ‘them’ holding all the cards.

Community Law Courts: Lawful Enforcement of Court Order

Lawful & Peaceful Planned Take Over of Public Building October 26th 2022. All welcome to attend.

“Rights are not granted to us by our governments;  our rights are intrinsic to who we are”

Lady Justice