A warm welcome to our Community Law Courts website. We aim to keep this website up to date so that we can all benefit from Community Law Courts services as much as possible.

For the purpose of the Community Law Courts is to aid every man and woman that comes to us to stand up for their rights.

We offer thee a range of services which we feel will be very useful and you can use as reference for whatever purpose is best suited to thee. Enjoy our site!

Lawful advocacy is a new term that the Community Law Courts coined. For us the definition of lawful advocacy is the capacity to have knowledge of both legalese system and of the lawful system and to have the skills an aptitude to operate between the two jurisdictions and be able to respond to both of those jurisdictions according to the facts of any particular claim.

For the Community Law Courts is natural law. How we comprehend it is the law of now time because the law is created by the trial by jury. For there are no judges in our court. There is a judicator. Someone like ourselves who can assist a trial by jury to comprehend things members of the trial by jury may be struggling with. For a trial by jury make all of the decisions and they uphold the orders put forward by the claimant or not.