We have lawful and legal knowledge so we can apply our knowledge to assist any man or woman who finds themselves entangled at legalise courts i.e. Magistrates’, Crown, County, Family and the Court Of Protection.

In the very near future, any man or woman ought to have the right to transfer any case that has been made against them at the legalese courts to the Community Law Courts. Even before that happens, we can disqualify paperwork and we have put in counterclaims for any perceived loss, harm or injury claims.

For the Community Law Courts uses natural law. How we comprehend it is the law of now time because the law is created by the trial by jury. For there are no judges in our court. There is a judicator. Someone like ourselves who can assist a trial by jury to comprehend things members of the trial by jury may be struggling with. For a trial by jury make all of the decisions and they uphold the orders put forward by the claimant or not.

At the moment there are precedence. Precedence is like case law. For example we are doing a class action on council tax where the findings of that court are upheld by the trial by jury. Probably the findings will be able to be used at any court, legal or our Courts in the future. Certainly for six months or even after sixteen months but then after that we would probably have to have another trial by jury because society is constantly in a state of change and we can’t second guess what those people might decide in the future and how different that might be from what they decide now.


Enforcement is critical. It is very important that people’s claims are enforced and that is something we have struggled with. Firstly because we have been challenged by the legalese system itself, who would very much like to keep us out for as long as possible. Secondly, we have not had Justices Of The Peace to assist us to enforce our orders and so we have been carrying out a public enforcement strategy which involves community taking action against any organisation that has been found in criminal or causing harm, loss or injury.

Our aim would eventually be to have Justices Of The Peace to enforce our orders exactly the same way legalese courts would have bailiffs; policemen or women. Something we have to broker with the existing system to access prisons for those we have found in need of incarceration. In other words a prison sentence. Therefore, we don’t see why we shouldn’t have access as we are creditors of the public services we have and that is something we have to look into.

At the moment, with the level of enforcement certainly has to be addressed and developed.

Enforcement is enforcing whatever has been upheld by the orders. In our case, lawful orders upheld by the Community Law Courts trial by jury.

We have to have class actions happening across the British Isles to bring in the military to take out those people that don’t allow us to enforce and uphold our rules by the will of the people. However, we do not suggest there isn’t work to be done but that is what has to be done.