: Deborah.

Creator of the Community Law Courts. Ecstatically in love with man : Rama. Four sons : Orlando. : Jet. : Darcy. and : Angel.

Full on activist for change. We have Bachelor’s of Law degree in other words LLB qualification and private bar guild training. We never took the oath as we worked out the corruption.

We are lawful advocates. With the first of many to come. We use natural law and challenge acts, codes and statutes.

We live on Devon, south-west England. We travel throughout the British Isles, that hosts community enforcement strategies. We work at legalese courts with all areas of law.

For the whole earth legal system is based on maritime and admiralty laws. Therefore, it is high tide to change this archaic and deceptive system that utilises magic spells and rituals that turn men and women into corp or ations and treat us like nerds.

Community Law Courts is now time law, with the creation of trial by jury of men and women. For there is not a judge in sight! We have an age old system of notices of claim, honour and dishonour.


And if all of that fails we put the evidence before a trial by jury of thirteen to twenty-six men and women to decide. For the jury ask questions and the style is inquisitorial.

For the claimants can present themselves or have the support of lawful advocates. We believe our trial by jury Community Law Courts are the future justice system. For it is our belief that people must have a new choice of legal system.

Maritime and admiralty laws can not provide fairness due to the innate deception of the application and of the divisive, dark nature of these courts. For we believe all cases at these courts have to have the option to transfer their cases to our courts.

Our people across the British Isles have a one percent share of the Community Law Courts. For we the people own the Community Law Courts and is funded by We The People for the people.

For we can provide all of the services of legalise courts and we believe in a fairer justice system.

Trial by jury

Our trial by juries are men and women of sound mind, integrity, heart-centred, autonomous yet recognise we are dependent on each other.

We have been developing the Community Law Courts over the last two years and have had a great deal of success. Furthermore, we have closed down many illegal claims and have conducted four trial by jury courts.

As well as this we have completed two enforcement actions at Exeter and at Plymouth. Now we aim to take over Exeter Crown and County Courts.

We now continue our enforcement activities whenever communities or groups reach out to us. Oppose council tax and utilities through class actions and offer our skills to support public enquiries.

: Neal.

For : Neal. am a man, single with the aim to share my life with a woman with similar values and have sons and daughters together. We are warrior with the attitude to stand up for what is right for our people.

For we, have studied the work of : David-Wynn Miller. with the use of quantum parse syntax grammar; natural law with : Greg-Paul. and Jonathan Little of Canada. With the continuation of education we, develop our knowledge by the use of data on the internet and from the woman : Deborah. We are lawful advocates here to help.

Curiosity has always been our foundation from the first time we spoke. Hence we gain much knowledge that is scarce for which we, love to share.

We too live on Devon and travel widely with : Deborah. across the British Isles.

We joined the Community Law Courts in August 2022 for what is now our life’s work.