: Deborah. and : Neal. have been constantly working on and for the Community Law Courts since April 2022. We rely on donations to keep the Community Law Courts going.

Benefits of donation to Community Law Courts:

Every man and woman is all ready a shareholder, even if you have never made a donation.

That said: We trust people will yearn for us to thrive and grow Community Law Courts. One percent shareholding of Community Law Courts for every man and woman. Trial by juries of thirteen to twenty-six good men and women with sound mind and integrity. Class actions of twenty or more men and women against any corporation. Lawful advocacy in legalese or our lawful Court now time law created by the trial by jury. No codes, acts or statutes; no application or sharing of your private data with us, actions that work to hold those accountable to account.

Donations keep the Community Law Courts active throughout the British Isles with a dedicated team of administration workers and expertise in all areas of legal and lawful jurisdiction.

Suggested donation is fifty great british pounds. You can set up a direct debit, standing order or you can make a donation ad hoc to the bank accounts of : Deborah. and or : Neal.

: Deborah.

Founder and leader of the Community Law Courts. Her legal fiction and account name is Hannah Jackson. Account number is 50744093. Sort code is 20-61-51. Reference is: CLC.

: Neal.

Provides marketing, administration and technical support for the Community Law Courts. Donations for : Neal. are important as he promotes the cause of the Community Law Courts, develops the website and keeps it updated. His legal fiction and account name is Neal Finesilver. Account number is 36931125. Sort code is 07-01-16. Reference is: Prom.